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“He has set eternity in the hearts of men.”(Ecclesiastes 3:11)

Athanatos Christian Ministries is committed to applying the Christian worldview, with an emphasis on pro-life issues, in creative contexts that range from writing workshops, to literary apologetics education and publishing, to a local arts festival. ACM is explicitly oriented towards using the arts to defend and strengthen the case for Christianity.





ACM hosted our first annual Athanatos Arts & Apologetics Festival this summer, August 4-7, 2016 in Greenwood, WI, featuring many artistic expressions: music, film, novels, drama, the visual arts, etc. In the spirit of ACM’s mission to defend the Christian faith through the arts, the festival encouraged artists to appeal as much to secular audiences as with Christian ones.

This festival was held in conjunction with the ongoing Athanatos Writing Contest.





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Preview: Assault on Saint Agnes

by Joseph Courtemanche


Saint Paul, Minnesota

05 February 1021

Burnt gunpowder and incense whirled through the remains of the stained glass windows, seeking escape from the violent tableau inside. Saint Agnes Church was still standing but badly damaged, wounded in her soul. Bobby Kurtz lay flat against the cold floor—unwilling to budge from his spot as he scanned the church for any sign of movement. His head snug against the tile, Bobby listened for the inevitable thud of the Saint Paul Police Department SWAT team spilling into the blood-stained sanctuary. He passed the time plucking shards of stained glass from his face and hands as the seconds ticked by in the frigid air. He took in the broken church and marveled that it wasn’t filled with more corpses after the last few minutes.

To his left lay one of the priests—bloodied, a bit disoriented, but alive. What kind of sadist sends a team of terrorists, including a suicide bomber, to a congregation of innocent people during Mass? Bobby shook off the nausea and adrenaline that came with every gun battle. He’d won. Only one dead parishioner traded for six dead terrorists. Good numbers but only by God’s grace. It was time to prepare for the cops. “Father, stay put. A maelstrom is going to break loose when SWAT comes in here; they’ll play rough if you even twitch.”

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The Womanual – Dan Mielke

Have you ever been confused by women? Have you ever left an argument vowing to do better, and didn’t really know what you did wrong? Have you felt frustrated that your wife doesn’t respect you? Do you desire to lead your wife, but are unsure she will follow? This interactive, guide will help you fulfill your God given role of understanding your wife. Written in common man tongue, this book will transform the way you communicate, and allow you to be the man she knows you can be.

Mind Over Matter – Brian M. and Wayne D. Rossiter

Since the time of the Enlightenment, religious skepticism and an increased reliance upon empiricism have caused many to adopt a purely naturalistic worldview. In recent years, this full-on acceptance of naturalism has even led to the belittling of those who affirm the need for metaphysical agency in our world. But is belief in a transcendent being like God simply based on wishful thinking and ignorance? Can every aspect of life and the workings of our universe be reduced to purely naturalistic causes? In Mind over Matter, brothers Brian and Wayne Rossiter take on a variety of arguments that are often thought to pose serious threats-if not outright defeaters-to any belief that stands in opposition to philosophical naturalism. Traversing the fields of theology, philosophy, and science, they take these arguments head on, providing a practical and easy to use guide for anyone looking to respond to the toughest and most common objections to religious faith. The Rossiters then turn the tables, arguing that belief in transcendent intelligence is not only rational, but is also completely consistent with many of the underlying assumptions made by the most ardent atheists and skeptics.

Jesse’s Seed – Sam Pakan

It’s autumn, 1941. The Nazis have fired on the USS Greer; London is ablaze, and the streets of Leningrad are red with blood. Still, David Dremmer is content to work his father’s ranch and dream of his best friend’s wife. When the United States finally enters the war, David escapes his father’s disappointment and a loveless marriage by enlisting in the Air Corps. His choice proves fateful. His B-17 is shot down over Belgium. Now he is in the hands of the Nazis, and a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues as Second Lieutenant David Dremmer wages a private war with the Luftwaffe, the Wehrmacht, and his own conscience to save the life of a beautiful Resistance operative. It’s then he discovers that the weakness that has kept him from his dreams is, in fact, the key to becoming who he was born to be. An award-winning, lyrical novel, Jesse’s Seed explores the power of choice, finality, love, and redemption. Learn more at www.sampakan.com.


The Warden Watch – AR Horvath

Casey has stumbled upon a secret: ‘Big Foot’ is real, after all, but its place among the Warden-Watch turns out to be far more mysterious than the myth itself. As one so-called myth after another turns out to be rooted in fact and reality-albeit in wholly unexpected ways-Casey finds himself craning his neck to catch a glimpse… of the Blood King. The Warden-Watch is the first installment from the Annals of Myrtle and the Blood-King.

Read Dr. Holly Ordway’s The Vision of Literary Apologetics.

From the Director:

Naturally, you want to know what Athanatos means. Athanatos is Greek for ‘immortality’ or, ‘not dying.’ If Christianity is true, that’s what we are: immortal. We are adventurers unleashed for glory, freed from the burden of sin and made fearless in the face of death.  This ministry is the outgrowth of my apologetics ministries over the last decade.

No longer do I believe that the best, exclusive use of my time is to reach out to and contend with atheists. Today I believe that the Church needs to expand its vision and methods in order to keep people from falling away in the first place.

The United States is a mission field. There are some things that matter to people today (like stories, movies, etc) that we can use but have been needlessly abandoned to secularists. It is partly the aim of this ministry to re-capture and re-employ what was always properly within the domain of Christian thought.

That means that Athanatos Christian Ministries will strive to produce thoughtful educational programs that are consistent with historic, orthodox, creedal Christianity, but also seek to connect through literature, through music, through story, among other methods we might imagine. Athanatos Christian Ministries is a big picture organization. Anyone interested in joining us or learning more is invited to contact us to see just what can be done.

Anthony Horvath, PhD


Legislative Proposal for Abortion Reporting of Gender and Birth Defects (Wisconsin)

Legislative Proposal DOWNLOAD FULL PROPOSAL:  legislative-proposal-2016e  Contact:  Anthony Horvath, PhD director@policyintersections.org | 608-526-9196 | 202-697-4623 | 715-937-6067 Amend Section 69.186 of the Wisconsin Statutes[1] (“Induced abortion reporting”) to also require the reporting of (k) the gender of the aborted child (l) whether or not the child had a fetal anomaly, and the nature of that …

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Faith and Family Under Fire: Why Apologetics is Failing in the 21st Century; a Front Line Report

Get the Report in Print | Get it on Kindle | Download it for Free, Below Email Anthony at director@athanatosministries.org I have been analyzing trends related to the rise and decline of Christian faith for some time.  My own apologetics ministry has roughly coincided with the dramatic drop in the number of Christians since 1990 …

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