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We can help manage your social media accounts and websites to build and edify your community!

  • Do you wish that your Facebook page was kept up to date but can’t find the time yourself and can’t get others to reliably do it, either?
  • Do you have a web page that seems dry and out of date?
  • Do your volunteers drop out of sight just after you have trained them, perhaps driving you to give up using them altogether?
  • Do you keep forgetting to send out that E-newsletter? Haven’t even been able to get around to writing it?
  • Do you wish that you made sure the community you’ve built around your church or organization knew more about what you were doing and kept in the loop?

Athanatos Christian Ministries has faced the same issues and has resolved them in about the only really reliable way possible: bringing on staff and contractors who are paid to perform these tasks.

Having spent months and years training and vetting these folks, ACM is now prepared to share its expertise–and its skilled crew–with you! We can:

  • Manage your social networks
  • Update your web pages
    Send out e-blasts
  • Create catchy graphics
  • Help you stay connected with the people who want to be connected with you!

For as little as $250 a month, ACM will turn its team of skilled and experienced writers, website managers, and graphic artists to the variety of tasks you confront each day in trying to stay ‘with the times.’

digital-life-team-acmThis $250 a month will get you 10 hours of our time* updating your website, posting status updates on your Facebook or Twitter feed, and so on and so forth. If you know already that you can use many more hours than that, we’ll be happy to hear what you need and design a custom plan just for you.

Interested? Contact Anthony at

*Sorry, it is not financially feasible to offer a ‘smaller’ package.