How to Donate to ACM

thank-you-for-prayingTHANK YOU for supporting Athanatos Christian Ministries and our many projects. You can see our list of needs, here.

We would greatly appreciate if you donate via Dwolla, a relatively new competitor to Paypal that charges just 25 cents for a transaction fee. ACM pays almost $1,000 in finance charges to Paypal and its credit card processor each year! That’s big money for a small operation like ACM. You will have to sign up, and like Paypal, link the site with your bank account. (It does not, however, process credit cards.) Alternatively, you can mail me a check, or, if you really desire, pay by Paypal. That’s just fine. If you really want to use the credit card option or Paypal, but want to help with the finance charge, just add 3% to the total transaction amount. [International? Add 6%.]

If you can make a monthly contribution (which Dwolla will also support), that is a useful because it is steady and predictable. But whatever you are willing to commit on whatever time-frame you desire is greatly appreciated!

You do not need to have a Paypal account to send money via credit card.

Note: ACM is NOT tax exempt

If using Dwolla, send donation to 812-688-3294

Make checks out to Athanatos Christian Ministries and mail them to:

Greenwood, WI 54437

Make a One Time Payment through Paypal

Make a regular payment:

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