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Upcoming Events | Dr. Anthony Horvath is the founder and executive director of Athanatos Christian Ministries and its many projects. ACM is an apologetics ministry with a distinctly pro-life emphasis. A former religion teacher and director for parish ministries and a frequent speaker at churches, schools, and universities, Anthony is a past vice-president and president of Wisconsin Lutherans for Life, and a member of the national Lutherans for Life speakers bureau. He is a regular contributor to the and has had columns published on He has been on numerous national and local radio broadcasts and testifies before the Wisconsin house of representatives. Most importantly, he is happily married and the father of four children.

For more information about Anthony in the media, see below. See the About page on A press kit can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Anthony can speak on the topic of your choice to a wide range of listeners.


Some presentations Dr. Horvath is qualified and interested in presenting on include:

    • Biblical Manhood: The Solution to the World’s Problems is Godly Men, Standing Up and Being Godly Men. [This presentation was delivered at Lutherans for Life’s 2010 national conference. Video to come]
    • Tracking the Culture of Death: Showing how Eugenics, Euthanasia, Abortion, etc., have come up through history and show themselves today. [Example of a Presentation | Sources]
    • The Death of Christianity: How the Church is Killing Itself and How to Stop It. [Example of a Presentation]
    • Apologetics and the Arts: A Call for the Church to Defend Itself Through the Arts [Example of a Presentation]
    • Narnia for Grown-ups: Narnia is not just for kids. Lewis wrote to appeal to kids, but did not shy from deeper theological issues that can and should appeal to adults, too. Read More.
    • Can Christianity Survive the Internet?: The Christian Church has a poorly thought out strategy for engaging the world online. Actually, they don’t have any strategy, and it shows. Ways, methods, and rationale for Internet Evangelism are discussed, explained, and defended. The Christian Church at large may not have a strategy, but there is no reason that your congregation can’t have one.
    • We Chose Life: Why You Should Too: A pro-life message reflecting my experiences and perspectives on the abortion issue. I am member of the Lutherans for Life speakers bureau. See the home page for this presentation at (see outline).
      Discussion Guide for the We Chose Life book.

  • “You can be a Hero.” A pro-life presentation pointing out who the real heroes are in the life debate [40 Days for Life | Sparta Life Rally 2010]
  • “You are on the Front Lines” A pro-life presentation geared to high school and college students. [Example #1, more to come]
  • Who Moved the Stone?: A critical evaluation of the resurrection of Jesus, treating the issue as a crime (the apparent theft of Jesus’ body) and applying forensic techniques. Various counter theories to the resurrection are presented and refuted, and the historical basis of the traditional resurrection belief is established. [Video Coming Soon]
  • The Church and Christian Apologetics: A lecture, as long as the schedule allows, on why the Church needs to get cracking and have trained Christian apologists in their midst and constantly at work. A critique, not too flattering, is given on current evangelistic methods of the Church at large.
  • The Da Vinci Code: An examination of the claims of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code as well as refutations of those claims. On a broader level, information is given on the real history of the development of the New Testament.
  • His Dark Materials: An examination of Phillip Pullman’s trilogy beginning with the Golden Compass and a Christian response. Anthony’s Christian response to Pullman’s His Dark Materials series has been featured on the
  • The God Delusion: Or, as some have said, Dawkins’s Delusion. The claims of Richard Dawkins are examined and refuted. Since so much of Mr. Dawkins’s book is based on false notions about what Christianity is, this presentation will also present, explain, and if necessary, defend, proper notions about what Christianity is.
  • Defense of the Faith: An overview of some of the main arguments for Christianity with some attention given to some arguments against Christianity. The suggested format consists of 45 minutes listing the main arguments followed by 30-45 minutes of discussion. Then a break, and 45 minutes listing the main objections to Christianity followed by another discussion period. This presentation can be tailored to pre-teen, high schoolers, college students, and adults. It is not meant to be a debate. The focus is on delivering information and supporting it. It can, of course, be modified to be a debate.
  • Christian Apologetics and Hot Topics: A discussion on how basic Christian Apologetics can be brought to bear on topics such as abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia, capital punishment, etc.

Other topics:

****How to interpret the Scriptures.

****How the New Testament was formed (early Christian history)

****A Biblical perspective on dating and relationships.

****Biblical Wisdom


Anthony has organized several online apologetics conferences that have included these speakers as of 2014: Steven Mosher | Gary Habermas | Ryan MacPherson | Angus Menuge | Derek Elkins | Holly Ordway | James Agresti | Greg Koukl | Roy Abraham Varghese | Jamie Greening | Glenn Jones | Nick Kaminsky | Letitia Wong | Greg West | Dale Ahlquist | Dave Sterrett | Paul Hughes | Jason Jones | Anthony Horvath | Brian Auten | Stephen Bedard | James D. Agresti | Mark Riser | Tom Gilson | Joseph Keysor | Bruce Hennigan | Paul Nowak | Gene Edward Veith Jr. | Dallas Jenkins | Dick Rolfe | Brian Godawa | Israel Wayne | Brian Auten | Robert Bowman, Jr. | Dr. Corey Olsen | Bernard Bull | Robert Velarde | Mary Jo Sharp | Graham Kell | Judy Salisbury | Hillary Morgan Ferrer | Sarah Ankenman | Cynthia Velasco Hampton | Julie D Loos | Lori Peters | Letitia Wong | Natasha Crain | MaryJo Sharp | Marcia Montenegro | Melissa Cain Travis | Bonita Jewel | Kathryn Camp | Marilyn Joy Tyner


Reasons to Believe Retreat: In general, a retreat can be over any topic that someone is interested in having me put together. This one has high schoolers and college students in mind. A much more thorough grounding in Christian Apologetics would be given, with great emphasis on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ as the central fact of Christianity, upon which it either rises or falls. The format would be negotiable, but the understanding is that this option would cover at least one night and a morning.

Video of some of Anthony’s speaking engagements is below.

Websites with more information:

For an understanding of why this apologetics ministry has such a deep emphasis on life issues, read here. For an understanding of why this ministry engages in apologetics at all, read here.


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Anthony contributes to Laigle’s Forum.

Anthony has been featured four times on the

  • The first time was on the Church creating atheists HERE.
  • The second time was regarding his parents’ guide and bulletin insert regarding Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass: HERE.
  • The third time was regarding the online apologetics academy formerly produced by Anthony’s Ministry, Athanatos Christian Ministries: HERE.
  • The fourth time regarding ACM’s Christian Writing Contest, here.
  • He has been mentioned three other times, in shorter contexts: Mention #1, and Mention #2(in regards to my brother’s Apologetics T-Shirt line: and Mention #3, in regards to a statement on the Expelled movie.

He is a columnist for The Cypress Times.

He has had five exclusives published on

He has also had columns published on the


Regarding my letter to Anne Rice:


Anthony has been interviewed on close to 30 Christian radio programs and heard by millions of people. Here are a few examples:



The Culture of Death: Planned Parenthood, Eugenics, and… Climate Change? from Anthony Horvath on Vimeo.

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