Why Become a Christian? A Spiritual Memoir by William Gray


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ISBN: 978-0986879647 | Length: 427 pages | Genre: Religion & Spirituality

Why Become a Christian? Especially when one could believe in other religions or worldviews? This book describes my struggle to answer these and other questions, such as Who am I? Where am I going? What must I do to get there? Trying to keep man-made church rules for more than 20 years did not provide personally meaningful answers. Doing-my-own thing for more than 10 years trying to Become Self-actualizing proved to be both futile and vain. I needed something else in my life. But what? I knew I needed intellectual faith to make a sound decision, so I would not be led by blind faith to embrace “something else.” At the age of 36, situations in my life led me to have a saving faith in Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth and the Life I wanted to live. Some three decades later, God hounded me to write my story. While doing this, I realized I was really writing My Spiritual Memoir and describing His Story about me. In it, I discuss why Christians cannot Be “good” enough nor Behave “good” enough to merit Becoming “saved” because so many Christians do not understand this. I also contrast the tenets of competing worldviews and critique Humanistic Psychology and Transpersonal Psychology (New Age) because they allure so many “seekers” who do not understand that their promises will not be fulfilled.

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