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They Were Wrong: Parents who were told the worst- but their children were born healthy

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Almost every time I finish giving a presentation I will be approached by someone telling me how doctors said that their child would have such and such problem once it was born but after birth it is discovered that the child is perfectly healthy.  Often times, more than one person shares a story like this.  If it isn’t they themselves, it’s their siblings or their own children.

Unfortunately, a huge number of women abort their child based on the declaration that something is horribly wrong about him or her.   Given how many times variations of this story is shared with me, it has occurred to me that perhaps it is time these stories be compiled into a book.  This book can then be distributed to hospitals, crisis pregnancy centers, and churches, to be given to couples who have just been informed the worst by their doctors.  This book will help them keep perspective.  Hopefully, it will strengthen their resolve to keep their child.

That’s where you come in.  I need your story.  If you want to give it, use the form below.

Here is an example of such a story.

Jill Stanek tells a story about a young child, diagnosed with spina bifida, who had been aborted.  It survived the abortion procedure, however.  Upon inspection… it didn’t have spina bifida at all.  It was a perfectly healthy baby- and it was still alive.  The reason for the wrong diagnosis was that the baby had had a twin that died in the womb, giving off chemical markers normally associated with spina bifida.

In a perverse tragedy, the hospital abandoned this abortion survivor, even though it could have still been saved.  But what about all those children who are aborted based on wrong information and determinations that no one ever hears about?

That’s a tragedy I hope to avoid by letting people hear for themselves what I hear all the time:  the doctors were wrong… my child was born healthy!

[Now, I should emphasize the fact that even a right diagnosis doesn’t justify ‘termination.’   My wife and I were told that our daughter would have spina bifida and in this case the doctors were correct.  I document our story in my book We Chose Life: Why You Should Too and speak often about our experience.   Nonetheless, the fact that doctors could be wrong- and often are- remains one of the reasons why, even if you are not ‘pro-life,’ you should still choose life.]


By filling out the form below you agree to certain things:

  1. You will provide accurate contact information.
  2. You will cooperate with me if I feel the need to verify your story.
  3. You allow us to publish your story in a book with no compensation to you.
  4. You allow us to publish your story verbatim.
  5. You allow us to publish your story on websites that ACM controls, up to and including a website explicitly devoted to this book project.
  6. You allow us to publish at least your first name and last initial, and your city and state.
  7. You allow us to edit your account as we in our sole discretion believe is warranted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When will the book be published? It depends on how long it takes for enough stories to be submitted.
  2. How many stories are you waiting for? Between 50 and a 100, rounding out to about a 200 page book.
  3. What is the plan for the books? Ideally, the books will be used by hospitals, clinics, pregnancy centers, and by referrals:  people give this book to friends/family who have just heard their child has a problem and is considering abortion.
  4. How long can my story be? It’s impossible to say.  We hope to devote 1-2 pages to each story, which comes out to between 200 and 600 words.  If a compelling story came in that was longer, we’d consider expanding the pages devote to it.
  5. How can I help this project? If you know someone who has a story send them this page.  It would also be nice to take financial considerations out of the picture in developing and distributing the book.  You can help make that possible by donating to that cause.  Feel free to contact us if you want to discuss this option more.
  6. How can I be informed when the book is released? The best way:  become a Facebook fan of this page. The next best way:  join our ministry’s mailing list.
  7. How will profits from this book be used? Provided there actually are profits, they will go towards fulfilling the plan referred to in #3.

More to be added as necessary.