A Horror of Great Darkness by Joseph E. Keysor


A Horror of Great Darkness by Joseph E. Keysor
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ISBN: 1936830671 / 978-1936830671
Print Length: 280 pages
Genre: World History

A vast amount of books have been written purporting to explain Hitler, and yet mystery remains. Can it be that there are important aspects of the Hitler problem that lie outside the confines of safely conventional history? That there are vital questions of good and evil, of truth and falsehood, or that secular wisdom is completely incapable of dealing with? Author Joseph Keysor contends in this book that some essential biblical teachings can contribute more to an understanding of the Holocaust and the Third Reich than many realize. These include: the origins of the Jewish people and the bizarre hatreds that have pursued them; our innate human potential for great good, or for great evil; abiding standards of ethics that allow us to say unequivocally that evil exists; the failure of the churches to oppose Hitler; the catastrophic effects of denying God and his laws and relying on reason alone.

Keysor argues that, contrary to what now passes for conventional wisdom, biblical teaching is highly relevant to modern life. Taken as literal and inspired truth, the Bible is light in the darkness, and a sure guide through the dark jungles of ugly and destructive modernism.