Roots and Fruits by Anthony Horvath


Roots and Fruits by Anthony Horvath
Kindle Edition | Print Edition
ISBN: 1936830388 / 978-1936830381
Print Length: 50 pages
Genre: World History

Have you ever wondered how it was possible that a large number of people could have ever come to accept the idea that it was all right for one set of men to enslave another set of men? Have you ever wondered how a society came to accept the mass extermination of the Jews? Fewer than a hundred years ago, doctors were doing experiments on people while they were still alive. Compulsory sterilization laws were on the books-in the United States-into the early 1980s. These are not events of the distant past. They occurred in our lifetimes, or the lifetimes of our parents, or grandparents. How did people come to not merely tolerate such things, but openly promote them, and even carry them out?

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