2010 Apologetics Conference Archive Access


2010 Calling Upon the Church to Rediscover the Arts and Communicate the Gospel and Christian Worldview Through Them Conference

For just $15 $10 you can access the recorded archives of the 2010 Online Apologetics Conference.  Complete this transaction and you will receive by email the login information for viewing the individual sessions of the conference, which were all recorded.

Conference home page:  http://onlineapologeticsconference.com/2010-archive

A Conference Calling Upon the Church to Rediscover the Arts and Communicate the Gospel and Christian Worldview Through Them.

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2010 Conference Goals:

  • Cast a vision for ‘literary apologetics.’
  • Call upon leaders in the Church to explore ways to communicate the faith through the arts in a deliberate manner.
  • Explore strengths and weaknesses to apologetics in general and apologetics through the arts in particular.
  • Begin the process of laying a theological foundation for engaging in ‘literary apologetics.’
  • Connect Christian artists with each other and with those who can help propel them to success.





For centuries the Christian Church was the leading patron of the arts. The Christian faith was not just defended by intellectual argument but was also promoted and explained through paintings, music, and literature. This wasn’t always deliberate. It could be argued that this was simply the natural consequence of having an abundance of Christians involved in artistic expression: inevitably, the beliefs of the artists would manifest.

It is evident that the beliefs of artists continue to manifest today, only now they believe any number of different things. No longer is there a critical mass of Christians involved in the arts. Furthermore, there are many more avenues for artists to manifest their worldview, most notably through movies and through the Internet.

For this reason, it isn’t enough to simply possess the Truth or defend it cogently. Christians must be involved in the arts and the Church must re-commit to putting Christian artists into society. Christian apologists already understand how books like The Da Vinci Code are able to raise baseless doubts in people’s hearts and minds… and even believers, especially young ones. Movies, music, and literature have the power to influence and even transform whole civilizations.

This is not something to be frightened about. God made us so that we would resonate to that which we transmit and receive through the arts. Like all good things, the arts can be twisted and corrupted. For this reason, they shouldn’t be abandoned… they should be embraced. We should not cede to the Enemy territory that is rightfully ours.

In this spirit, Athanatos Christian Ministries is proud to host and sponsor this first annual online apologetics conference dedicated to inspiring Christians to either express their faith through the arts or support those that do. This year’s conference will primarily focus on literary apologetics, or promoting the Christian faith through the written word, and fiction in particular.

Price: $15.00$10.00