2013 Apologetics Conference Archive Access

2013 A Defense of the Faith is a Defense of Life Conference

Purchase access to ACM’s 2013 online apologetics conference archives.  Every session was recorded and the recordings are available for viewing using the link and password provided after purchase of this access. Upon purchase, you will receive a document via with the information that you need.  (Please let us know ASAP if this does not happen at director@athanatosministries.org.  Be sure to check your spam filter, first)

A Defense of the Faith is a Defense of Life

Conference website:  http://onlineapologeticsconference.com/2013-conference

Speakers at the 2013 conference:

Steven Mosher | Gary Habermas | Ryan MacPherson | Angus Menuge | Derek Elkins | Holly Ordway | James Agresti | Greg Koukl | Roy Abraham Varghese | Jason Jones | Anthony Horvath | Jamie Greening | Glenn Jones | Nick Kaminsky | Letitia Wong | Greg West | Mark Riser | Dave Sterrett

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