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Pastor Dan Mielke started his training in female understanding at an early age. After a Caesarean interrupted his undercover research, he was raised in a pastor’s home where he learned to love God and serve people. While studying the Bible at college, Dan also began a lifelong study of his wife Christa. He found that both studies were harmonious and realized that he could only be as good of a Christian as he was a husband and vice versa.

After finishing a biblical studies and speech communication degree from Pillsbury, a Master’s in biblical and family counseling from Maranatha University and pursuing a PhD in apologetics from Trinity Seminary, Dan still considers the beautiful marriage relationship he and Christa enjoy as the greatest qualification and testament to the practicality of the principles found in this book.

Author Interview

Why do you write?

I am passionate about communicating who God is and what He has done. I cannot think of anything more selfish, than having bread and eating it in front of people without sharing. Writing is a fantastic way to not only share who God is but also learn about each other. Through language we can transfer part of who we are into someone else.

How would you describe your writing method?

My writing method is very Socratic. I am often intrigued by a question and then do everything I can to research the answer. After I am done writing, I look at the article from every angle and perspective I can think of (Agnostic, Christian, Elderly, Young, etc.) in order to determine its veracity and applicability.

How would you respond to the classic question, “Is there Christian art, or artists who are Christians?”

In regards to Christian art, Colossians 1:16 and Revelation 4:11 reveal all of creation as the goal of magnifying the greatest Author. So in the largest sense the universe is the canvas to God's art. In a specific sense, I think that art that taps into this principle of offering art specifically to God would define it as Christian art.

Family 10Do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring authors?

Tim Lahaye told me, "Write as much as you can on a single topic, and then stop."

Which of your creations has brought you the most joy?

My favorite piece of work is one that I started writing in 7th grade, Deathwatch: The Night of the Execution. It was a historical fiction based off of the 100 Years War.  The main character is a colonel who loses his family in the war, and becomes an embittered executioner whose sole purpose in life is to take revenge on the Christians whom he blames for killing his family. Through the remarkable faith of a former agnostic, the colonel is brought to the realization of his need for salvation.

Which has brought you the most heartache?

My first seminary paper. I was plagued with the question, "What will the professor think?" I did not realize that I had sold out my education and my passion for approval.

Is there anything you’d like to say?

Ask questions about everything, but in all the 'why' questions remember meaning and purpose will come from the 'Who.'

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