The Golden Bough by James George Frazer


The Golden Bough by James George Frazer
Kindle Edition | Print Edition
ISBN: 1936830450 / 978-1936830459
Print Length: 522 pages
Genre: New Age & Spirituality

Sir James George Frazer’s monumental study of ‘magic and religion’ is here presented in its 1922 edition, containing all three volumes. From Rome to Egypt to Polynesia, Frazer covered it all. Corn gods, dying gods, to fertility gods; Frazer explored and examined them all, identifying common themes throughout the world. The implications to Christianity were controversial: Either Christianity was myth like these myths, or else Christianity is true in its claim that all men are made in God’s image so that no matter how far they fall from the knowledge of God, revealed or otherwise, they cannot but help to act on their created, religious instincts. These questions and more will arise in the mind of the honest seeker of truth through Frazer’s thorough and forthright presentations of facts and analysis.

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