The Little Girl Waits by Jamie Greening


The Little Girl Waits by Jamie Greening
Kindle Edition | Print Edition
ISBN: 1936830655 / 978-1936830657
Print Length: 212 pages
Genre: Literature & Fiction

There are evil people in the world, and they do evil things to innocent children. Pastor Butch Gregory is on a fatal collision course with such evil people.

Pastor Butch’s life is a happy one, filled with church meetings, sermon preparation, and leading a congregation he loves. His life is forever changed when unimaginable tragedy comes to a little girl from his church named Tamara. Pastor Butch feels a supernatural call from God to do something about it, so he sets out on a sprawling adventure to find and rescue her before it is too late.

He is not alone in his odyssey. Through what can only be called divine intervention, Pastor Butch finds himself partnered with Amber Smith and Wyoming Wallace. Amber knows her way around the streets and is dogged in her pursuit of Tamara. Wyoming is a rough and tumble Iraq War veteran who wants nothing to do with God, but is nevertheless drafted into the search. Each of them have their own painful pasts that tie together with different aspects in their search for the missing girl.

The three of them piece together clues across the American West in their race against time. The Little Girl Waits to be saved. Will they find her in time, and at what cost?

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