In Defense of Martin Luther by Joseph Keysor

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In Defense of Martin Luther by Joseph Keysor
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ISBN: 9781465766816
Print Length: 31 pages
Genre: Religion & Spirituality

Author Joseph Keysor previously demonstrated that Hitler and the Nazis were not acting on Christian principles and exposed the true basis for destructive actions. Now he comes to the defense of Martin Luther, a person that many people try to blame for Hitler’s anti-semitism. Keysor is not Lutheran, making his analysis all the more decisive.

In “Hitler, the Holocaust, and the Bible” Keysor demonstrated that there was nothing Christian at all about Hitler’s racial attitudes and traces it back to the writings of atheistic philosophers such as Nietzsche and Haeckel, to name a few. Keysor also took aim at the reasons why many try to lay the blame for the holocaust at the feet of Christianity. This led him to examine certain writings of Martin Luther and in the course of his book, showed how they could not be a significant factor in Nazi ideology.

This present edition is a separate treatment that specifically expounds on the ‘bad rap’ that Martin Luther has received. Since Keysor is not a Lutheran, this defense is not ‘personal.’

It is perhaps time that people gave Dr. Luther his proper due.

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