Missional Moonshots by Bernard D. Bull

81pTaWhf8uLMissional Moonshots by Bernard D. Bull

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ISBN: 1936830868
Print Length: 236 pages
Genre: Schools & Teaching

Missional Moonshots is a source of insight and inspiration for educators, academic leaders, instructional designers, educational technology coaches, educational entrepreneurs, policymakers and anyone else who wants to pursue educational innovation that is rooted in mission, vision, and core values. This book includes a collection of chapters that are brief, to the point and discuss topics such as the traits of innovative schools and their leaders, the difference between trend chasing and high-impact innovation, overcoming common barriers to educational innovation, building a compelling case for a new educational product or service, why and how people adopt new innovations, where and how to start with educational innovation, and the multiple futures of education. Expect to be challenged, inspired, and further equipped to pursue mission-minded innovations that matter. Dr. Bernard Bull is Assistant Vice President of Academics and Associate Professor of Education at Concordia University Wisconsin. He is also co-founder of Birdhouse Learning Labs. He is a frequent keynote speaker and consultant on topics related to educational innovation and entrepreneurship, futures in education, self-directed learning, learning experience design, and the intersection of education and digital culture.

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