Athanatos Screenplay Writing Contest

Screenplay Contest

  • Award amount: $1,500
  • No purchase necessary
  • Deadline: ACM’s discretion

Athanatos Publishing is seeking to create a movie out of one of the books it publishes, Dr. Jamie Greening’s “The Little Girl Waits.”

‘The little girl’ in question is a young, American girl, kidnapped off the streets of the United States by human traffickers.  A pastor feels drawn to the case and enlists the help of people that are not exactly his ‘sort,’ but the ‘sort’ who are capable of giving human traffickers exactly what they deserve.

3D-231x300In order to make the movie, a screenplay is needed.  To that end, Athanatos Publishing is hosting this screen play writing contest.  The best screenplay will be selected and used for developing a movie version of the book.

More info:  the book is 212 pages long, does not have exotic settings or need for extensive special effects.

There is NO entry fee to enter the contest.  However, obviously if you are going to make a screen play from the book, you will somehow have to lay your hands on the book–your local library, used book store, etc is fine, but you might find it simpler to just acquire the book from Amazon: [Link].

There IS a cash award for being selected:  $1,500 USD.  This will purchase the screen play from the winner, with all rights being assigned at that time to Athanatos Publishing.  The winning writer will of course be included in the movie credits, should the movie be produced and released.

While there is NO entry fee to enter the contest, in order to obtain the rights to create a derivative from the book, you must at least register for the contest by sending an email to the publisher at athanatospublishing @

Use the subject line: LGW Screenplay Contest

You may use this text, updating as necessary:

To Athanatos Publishing,

This is to inform you that I will be participating in your screenplay writing contest.  I acknowledge that the book, “The Little Girl Waits” by Jamie Greening is fully copyrighted, and while I have permission to adapt it for the purposes of the contest, I do not have the right to re-distribute it to any other party.  I understand that my rights to the screen play will be turned over to ACM when I receive the cash award, unless other terms are mutually agreed to.  It is understood that ACM cannot use my screenplay until those rights have been transferred.  But, I fully understand that ACM has disallowed my use of the screenplay beyond the parameters of this contest.

Yours sincerely,

[Insert your name here]

This will inform us that you are going to be creating a screen play from the work and serve as confirmation that we have given you the right to create a derivative work from the book, which is otherwise FULLY COPYRIGHTED.

Under the rules of this contest, you are not allowed to share your screenplay based on this movie with ANYONE except for representatives of Athanatos Publishing, WHETHER YOU WIN the contest OR NOT.

The contest will go on for as long as necessary to acquire a screenplay that Athanatos is satisfied with.  Athanatos reserves the right to end the contest without warning at its full discretion for ANY reason.  As there is no contest entry fee, there is NOTHING to be refunded to contest participants.

Thanks for your interest and involvement in this contest!