Staff and Volunteers

Executive Director Dr. Anthony Horvath:

Founder of ACM and long time Christian apologist, Anthony is married and the father of four. His early apologetics efforts persist under his old AOL screen name, ‘sntjohnny,’ but his efforts have expanded under ACM to include publishing, curriculum design, teaching, book reviews, etc. The mission today: strengthen Christians in their faith and equip them to communicate clearly and effectively with each other and within our society and culture.

His columns have been posted to and his ministries have been featured on numerous national and local radio stations. He also blogs for the Christian Post. More Anthony in the Media.

As of the summer of 2010, he is the vice president of Wisconsin Lutherans for Life. He is a member of the national speaker’s bureau for Lutherans for Life. He speaks often on pro-life issues at schools, churches, and colleges.

He received his Masters and Doctorate in philosophy with a concentration in apologetics in 2014.

ACM Staff

Maryann Spikes ( – ACM Operations Manager

Maryann is the Catechism Coordinator and past President of The Christian Apologetics Alliance. She has completed Biola University’s certificate in Christian Apologetics and led an apologetics study group at a local coffee shop. She is on Twitter and Facebook and helps various ministries in their social media outreach. She blogs at Ichthus77.


DebbieThompsonDebbie Thompson ( – Writing Contest and Workshop Coordinator and ACM Representative

Debbie is a book reviewer for Northwestern Publishing House and a Christian Book Club leader. A graduate with a BA from Concordia College, Ann Arbor she is the mother of two home school graduates. Her experiences have primed her to be a valuable contributor to ACM’s curriculum efforts and ‘literary apologetics’ programs. She is a judge for ACM’s Christian writing contest, a volunteer staffer, and a Writing and Homeschool Coach.

Gerson Lacdao ( – Web Master, Technical Support

Julius Broqueza ( – Graphic Design, Ebooks & Video Production