Sep 27

Sales Person Needed


Athanatos Ministries is hiring a salesperson.

ACM is a small publishing firm with a distinctly Christian mission.  Candidates should be thoroughly comfortable working for an organization that is boldly Christian in its outlook.

This is a ‘contract’ position, using to facilitate payment.


The salesperson will,

  • on their own time and at their own expense, familiarize themselves with the particular product that they have been tasked to sell.
  • assist in the developing of a sales/marketing program for that product.
  • be prepared to generate their own leads.
  • expect to be the one to follow up, by phone, with the decision makers identified via those leads.
  • expect to be well compensated via commissions on sales, rather than relying on hourly wages.

The salesperson will not,

  • depend on social media to make sales; we already have someone to manage our social media.  We do not need another!
  • Consider this a ‘marketing’ position, so much as a ‘direct sales’ position.

While obviously the salesperson will work in coordination with our social media manager and other members of our team, I hope it is sufficiently clear that we do NOT want the salesperson to rely on social media to generate sales.

Additional expectations:

  • As this is a ‘contract’ position, it is expected that the candidates will provide for themselves certain essential tools for the job, such as a telephone or some other way to make calls.
  • While an hourly stipend is negotiable, the right candidate will have this attitude:  “I will make much more on commission than I would make on a stipend!  Thanks for offering the stipend, but my goal is to make it irrelevant, ASAP!”
  • The right candidate will have this attitude: “I don’t need anyone to hold my hand, guiding me through the sales process. I’m insulted you had to ask.  No, I’m not going to bill you for figuring out how to do X and Y.  I understand that learning how to do that is something that I do on my own time, and frankly I want to do that, because its in my own self-interest to broaden my skill set.”
  • The right candidate will have this attitude:  “I can sell ice to an Eskimo.”
  • The right candidate will not have to be told that it can take quite a few ‘misses’ before there is a ‘hit,’ and has the understanding that that is just part of the job.


  • The right candidate will not need to be told what to do.  The right candidate will see what needs to be done, and do it.
  • While there is some measure of coordination with the rest of the ACM staff, it is not only expected that the candidate will be comfortable picking up the ball and running on his own, it is strongly desired.
  • The right candidate will revel in the freedom of being able to work on his or her own schedule, and relishes the idea that whether or not money is earned is tied to their own efforts, rather than just ‘punching a clock.’

Due to the nature of the products to be sold and the general strategy we have for selling those products, there is good reason for the right candidate to believe that this could be full time position, making very good money.  However, we do not expect the right candidate to be full time.  Part time is sufficient, provided that the sales generated sufficiently surpass whatever labor and expenses ACM pays to sustain the position.

Interested candidates will send an email to Anthony Horvath at athanatosgroup @ gmail dot com.