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Athanatos Publishing Group

Athanatos Christian Ministries is interested in promoting Christian thought in a variety of contexts, including through the publishing of books. Both fiction and nonfiction submissions are welcome. ACM offers a hybrid approach to publishing: contracts typically allow the author to retain all rights and usually have no upfront cost to the author but do expect the author to be highly motivated in marketing the book, up to and including possibly subsidizing that effort. Each title is worked through on a case by case basis.

ACM publishes under three imprints. Athanatos Publishing Group is our most ‘traditional’ platform. Our Paley, Whately, & Greenleaf Press is our place for ‘partner-publishing’, which is the closest we come to offering ‘self-publishing’ services. Finally, Suzeteo Enterprises is used for certain, select works.

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Submissions do not necessarily need to be explicitly Christian. They should, however, cover topics of interest to Christians or represent values that the Christian community might resonate with. Nothing explicitly or implicitly anti-Christian is accepted. NonChristian submissions which treat Christianity with objectivity and accuracy may be considered.

Submission guidelines:

The interested individual is encouraged to review the Athanatos Ministry website as well as Anthony’s apologetics website. That will give you and idea of the types of topics and approaches that we want to sponsor and promote.

Both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts are desired.

As previously mentioned, manuscripts cannot be anti-Christian but do not necessarily have to be pro-Christian. The Christian World view should be substantially reflected somehow in the manuscript. This is all a bit subjective. When in doubt, submit.

  • *** 1. We are looking for completed manuscripts that are between 50,000 and 100,000 words.
  • *** 2. Manuscripts should be already proof read, though light editing and suggestions may be given.
  • *** 3. Author should be able to establish that there is a high likelihood that on his own efforts alone he will be able to sell 300-500 books within an 18 month period. (Ie, a pastor with a congregation, a professor assigning the book to his students, an average joe with a mailing list of 500 names, etc). Also, while some marketing will be provided, including press releases and web page construction, the author should plan on rolling up his sleeves to promote his own book. In fact, the willingness to promote one’s own book is a huge factor in our decision making process.
  • *** 4. We plan on publishing 4-6 titles a year.

If interested, send an email introducing yourself and explaining what your manuscript pertains to. Include the word count and speak to the issues raised in point 3 above. At this time, send inquiries directly to the executive director at Please do not send the manuscript itself until it is requested.

Some books will be published under the ‘Suzeteo Enterprises’ imprint. Others under the imprint of ‘Athanatos Publishing Group.’ NonChristian authors engaging in a frank discussion of Christianity or topics that Christians would find interesting will be published under the ‘Suzeteo Enterprises’ imprint. Manuscripts that are overtly pro-Christian might be produced under either imprint depending on the content.

At this time, there are no advances or stipends available.


Aiming to incorporate the best of both worlds, our contracts allow the author to retain full rights to their book with just a handful of common sense provisions. The author agrees to lease their content until such time as ACM has covered costs and generated a reasonable profit. At that point, a new phase in the contract kicks in which gives the author a higher commission. Prior to this second phase, the author may ‘buy out’ the contract and take his manuscript anywhere he pleases.

In the quasi-traditional model, ACM provides editing and cover design services and actively markets the book. It takes a higher percentage of the ‘profits’ but it commits more resources to the book’s success, as well. ACM essentially provides all of the services a traditional publisher provides while allowing the author to retain rights to their book. To learn more just email us at