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Advisory Board

Athanatos Christian Ministry’s advisory board consists of people who are familiar with ACM’s mission and generally support it. Many of the members are also long time co-laborers while some are newer voices. This board is advisory only. It should be noted that by being an adviser to ACM, it doesn’t follow that they necessarily endorse every position. In some cases, advisers inform just specific aspects of the ministry. Thanks to all of them for all of their help.

Rev. Josh Davis Josh is a long time confidant and co-conspirator.
Glenn Jones Glenn Jones has a MA in apologetics and has been active in administering ACM’s online apologetics conference.
Jeremy Biddle Former teacher and current IT guy and network administrator for a high school in Illinois, Jeremy has been a supporter of this ministry for a long time. He often helps with technical matters and helps administer the apologetics discussion forum at
Ted and Susan Loomans Firm supporters and co-laborers in apologetics ministries for some time. Ted teaches at a Lutheran elementary school and Susan has been involved at her church as a youth leader for a decade.