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Are you a book reviewer on the hunt for review copies? You’ve found your way to the right hunting ground.

Athanatos Publishing Group is mustering up an army of regular reviewers to post reviews of our books on blogs, websites, Goodreads, and preferably Amazon.

Ebooks are free, and we would never object to sending some along to a connected reviewer. Print books for those with a substantial following are perfectly fine, too. In borderline cases, we usually won’t mind sending a print book. If you provide a steady flow of reviews, you will receive a steady flow of review copies!

Sign up here for notifications of free review copies!

If you would like to be a regular reviewer that does not have to wait for notifications of new releases:

First, sign up for an account:

First Name

Last Name


Once an admin sends you your reviewer account username and password, log in to your reviewer account.

On the left side, you’ll click the Reviews tab.

Select “Add Review” next to the word “Reviews”.

Enter 1) the TITLE of the book you reviewed, 2) the URL (link address) to where your review is posted, and 3) the next book you would like to review from the store (ACM Store, download full catalog).

The comments section is NOT for posting the text of your review. Rather, it is for requesting your next free review copy, if it is not available in the drop-down menu.

Once you click submit, an admin will be notified via email.

Once your review link is approved, an admin will email you the ebook you choose in the comments section of your review, using the email address you initially provide when requesting a reviewer account.

You could end up reading and reviewing our entire inventory for the price of

just one of our books!!!