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Apologetics Library Book Club


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Book Club Year 1 Offerings:

(In no particular order)

We reserve the right to modify this list at our sole discretion. We may also send out works distributed by other publishers if we so choose.

Athanatos Publishing Group is re-releasing classic works of Christian fiction and non-fiction in an effort to put modern Christians in better touch with the thought of Christians who have come before them. Many of these texts are available already and can even be read online. APG is interested in more than recreational reading, however, and has gone the next step and produced indexes to each work so that readers can actively use them in research and cross referencing.

These books have been selected for a variety of reasons, including their enduring influence on- or even against- Christian thought, their historical value, their unique perspective, and if it was an enjoyable read.

To receive one new book a month, sign up for APG’s ‘Apologetics Library’ Book Club. The cost is just $10 a month for a year and this includes shipping. (Sorry, Lower 48/USA only!). You can also purchase the books individually through online retailers such as and or directly through us.

All books are soft cover. We are interested in offering hard cover editions- provided there is sufficient interest. Please contact us if you would be interested in a hard cover ‘book club.’

Finally, as they are ready, study guides will be distributed for each book produced by APG to all members of our book club.

Your subscription will expire automatically after 12 months. You may subscribe any time you choose; we will keep track of which books you have received and still need to receive. You will then receive one book spaced approximately one month apart for 12 months.


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