Dec 13

Culture of Death- Malthus, Sanger, Darwin, Singer

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This presentation has now been given several times and in various formats and is the foundation for a petition project that is under way.

Below is the video and audio of a presentation I gave titled “The Culture of Death:  What it is and How it Got Here.”  It was delivered on Nov. 20, 2010, at an event sponsored by Nebraska Lutherans for Life at Concordia University, Seward, Nebraska.

The sources I referenced in the presentation can be found here.  The doc file for the note cards I was reading off of in the presentation is here:

  CultureOfDeathNoteCards (61.5 KiB, 1,699 hits)

Presentation Summary: Historically speaking, humans have always traded in death.  What makes the ‘culture of death’ unique is that for the first time in history, the pervasive solution to humanity’s problems always leans in one direction:  the elimination of humans.  This Malthusian outlook accepts as a dogma that the ‘pie’ is only so big and there isn’t enough to go around.   The ultimate solution, then, is to reduce the number of people vying for a piece of the pie.  The ‘Culture of Life’, however, has a different solution:  make a bigger pie.   The Malthusiasts turn to the State as the proper administrator of ‘scientific’ principles in guiding our own evolution.  The same way of thinking persists today.  The only difference is that they think that this time they can implement it without it ending in a holocaust.

A short story that I wrote, inspired by the ‘culture of death’, can be read on Kindle.

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