Oct 31

Defending the Faith by Defending the Family: A Report from the Front Lines

Recently, I (Anthony Horvath, founder and Exec. Dir. of Athanatos Ministries) was invited to present at a Lutheran pastors conference in Sheboygan, WI. [LCMS-SWD]

The overall theme I was asked to address was ‘the need for apologetics.’  This aspect of apologetics–an apologetic for apologetics, as it were–has been on my heart and mind for more than a decade.  However, my actual experiences defending the faith have made it clear that what we think of as ‘apologetics’ needs to be radically expanded.  There has been a great falling away from the faith over the last 40 years.  This demands explanation.

In my opinion, based on my experience and research, the explanation reaches down to the bedrock order of creation.  If the situation is not addressed at that level, we have good reason to expect continued abandonment of the Christian religion, and the rise of a society that has jettisoned its Christian capital… with all that that suggests.  We ought to embrace ‘traditional’ apologetics, but we should not expect out of it more than it can deliver.

Below, are the two audio files for each of the 60-75 minute presentations.  The sound quality is not great, but it is passable.  Next time, I won’t record from the back of the room next to the buffet table!

In the presentations I called attention to the Jaffe Memo, which you can download here: www.jaffememo.com.  I refer to some charts, as well.  I have them below.

Below, I linked to seven blog posts I wrote to organize my thoughts for this presentation.  They may prove interesting reading, as they go beyond what I had time to present.

Finally, I have embedded each of the audio files into a Vimeo video.  It is a still-frame video… not much to see, but some may prefer that format anyway.

If you are interested in having me present my research, perspective, and conclusions at your church or conference, contact me at director@athanatosministries.org.  It would be an honor and a privilege to speak further on an issue of such great importance.

Right click and download, or press play on the player:


Right click and download, or press play on the player:

Blog entries:

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An Apology for Apologetics: Defending the Faith Is Bigger Than You Thought (Part 7, the conclusion)

Table showing decline of various religious denominations, Lutheran ones highlighted:



first session oct 10 2016 – audio only from Anthony Horvath on Vimeo.


second session oct 11 2016 – audio only from Anthony Horvath on Vimeo.