Jan 20

“Defending the Faith” Apologetics Boot Camp for junior and high school students

Event:  Apologetics Boot Camp:  Defending the Faith
Date/Time: February 20, 9 am-3 pm.
Location: ACM’s offices at 105 S. Main St., Greenwood, WI.
Short Description: A survey of the evidence for Christianity and tips on how to integrate that evidence into one’s own life–geared to teenagers.
Cost: $30 for the day, limit 20 participants. Lunch included (pizza and subs–subtract $5 if bringing own lunch).
Description:  Is Christianity true… really? What about contradictions in the Bible? Isn’t the resurrection just a story? Designed with Christian middle school and high school students in mind, this event will present some of the strongest arguments for the existence of God and the truth that Jesus rose from the dead, while also handling some of the objections and criticisms that they are likely to hear in the media or in their school. They may even have their own questions about their faith. Each section of the seminar will end with a period of questions and answers. Participants will be given guidance on how to further investigate the foundations of their faith and how to talk to others about the Christian faith in a way that respects the questions of others. Ideally, a youth director or Christian education director will attend this event along with the students in their youth group or high school class, if not to expand their own knowledge, then as a way to learn more about the views and perspectives of their own students.
Registration Information: Email Dr. Anthony Horvath at director@athanatosministries.org or call 202-697-4623 to confirm your attendance and make payment arrangements.

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