Paley, Whately and GreenLeaf Press: Christian Apologetics Publishing

Paley, Whately and GreenLeaf Press: Christian Apologetics Publishing

Athanatos Christian Ministries is pleased to announce the formation of a new publishing imprint, Paley, Whately & Greenleaf Press.

Non-fiction works centering on Christian apologetics–the defense of the Christian faith–will be the primary focus of works released under this imprint. PWGP’s quest is to put into circulation as many apologetics works as possible. These works do not to be thoroughly apologetic in nature, but should in some way reasonably be seen as something that could promote or defend the Christian faith, or some aspect of it. Our policy is to publish any and all manuscripts set before us, provided that they come with at least 3 references and/or recommendations. (See below for more about this requirement.)

Publishing Terms:

  • Advances to authors are not generally available.
  • Authors pay a $500 title set-up fee (PWGP, in its sole discretion, may waive this requirement, or discount it.)
  • Authors purchase a minimum of 150 copies of their own book (set-up fee waived for purchases of at least 400 copies**)
  • Royalties: Minimum of 20% of the net profit, to the author. (Negotiated on a book by book basis)
  • Authors retain copyright, essentially leasing the work to PWGP.

** in any case, a $500 payment would need to be made in advance, and more if the manuscript is expected to require significant attention to prepare for printing–but if there will be at least 400 copies purchased, the $500 is credited towards that purchase amount.

ACM will provide some marketing for about 6 months, but the author should be prepared to do the lion’s share of advocating for the book. Even so, the team at ACM/PWGP is well versed in apologetics issues and has experience promoting such works, and will be able to provide advice, counsel, and direction; the author is not alone.

The Royalty percentage can be increased on a case by case basis up to 60% of the net proceeds on the sale of a work based on factors such as:

The size of the author’s intended audience and the author’s reach and influence with that audience
The anticipated number of sales the book is expected to generate within the first 6 months of publication (the number of books the author personally purchases can be factored into this calculation)
Whether or not the book will be used as a textbook by the author or by others.

Submitted manuscripts must be fully edited prior to submission. It is the author’s duty to secure editing services if they are required, and to do this before submitting the work for PWGP consideration. PWGP will perform only light editing, primarily in the course of setting up the title for distribution.

Suitable manuscripts include:

  • Unpublished theses and dissertations
  • Books intended for textbook use
  • Books that explore very specific and narrow technical issues related to apologetics
  • Moral and ethical treatments
  • Just about any non-fiction work referred and/or recommended by 3 individuals with apologetics expertise.
  • Books on theology and Biblical studies, including Bible commentaries

See the PWG category in our bookstore.

PWGP will produce the book in soft cover and digital editions and distribute them through its channels, making them available to online retailers such as and In its sole discretion, it may choose to release the book in hard cover. In its sole discretion, it may choose to make the book available in retail chains such as Barnes and Noble.

PWGP will generate the cover art; the author is responsible for any interior illustrations. PWGP owns the rights to the created book cover.

Faith Statement

Due to the diverse perspectives that are found in the apologetics community, let it be understood that PWGP’s publishing of a particular book does not mean that PWGP agrees with all, or even any, of the statements within the book. Nonetheless, if PWGP deems, in its sole discretion, that a work could actually be of harm to the cause of Christ, it will decline to publish. PWGP seeks to release the works of authors who:

  • uphold the reliability of the Old and New Testaments of the Christian Scriptures
  • maintain that God made man and woman in his image, and is the author of all creation
  • have a Trinitarian understanding of who God is
  • believe that salvation is through Christ alone
  • accept and acknowledge that Jesus is both God and man, in accordance with the Scriptures and acknowledged by the Church throughout history.

To learn more and begin the process, email executive director Anthony Horvath at

ACM publishes under three imprints: Athanatos Publishing Group, Suzeteo Enterprises, and Paley, Whately, & Greenleaf Press.

More about references: These references and/or recommendations must speak to the importance of the topic of the proposed book and the competency of the author to address the topic of the book. The referrers should be individuals with some expertise in apologetics; granted, the field is so broad that many competent referrers will not be known explicitly as apologists, and this is taken into account. PWGP will grow and maintain an internal list of credible referrers, and if all three referrers are on that list, then publication is almost certain. If any of the three are not on that list, then PWGP will evaluate the referrers and add them to the list if it, in its sole discretion, believes it to be warranted. Obviously, if the submitting author is already on our list, this requirement is waived. It should go without saying that PWGP reserves the right to waive this requirement altogether and also, if we in our sole discretion decide to do so, decline a manuscript.