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Principles of the Culture of Death Online Courses

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“He has set eternity in the hearts of men.” (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

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Executive Director of Athanatos Christian Ministries and president of Lutherans For Life of Wisconsin Anthony Horvath offers an online course on the ‘culture of death.’  But… What is the culture of death?

Various estimates suggest that 70-90% of all children diagnosed with a birth defect in the United States are aborted.  Anthony discovered this after he and his own wife learned that their daughter was diagnosed with spina bifida, and, at the very moment this was confirmed, was invited to ‘terminate.’  They emphatically declined.   The ‘culture of death’ is what emerges when a society concludes that death is the first, best, solution to many of its problems.  Anthony and his wife encountered this sentiment first hand.

Astounded by the situation and the statistics, Anthony set about investigating how a society could come to accept such a premise.  Five years later, and hours and hours and hours and hours of research and analysis later, he has his answers.  In this 6 week course, you will have answers too, and with them, solutions.

Course Description

6 weeks. Have you ever wondered how a society comes to openly discuss the sale of aborted baby parts, ‘aborting’ children even after they are born, or calculating the worth of a person based on how many more years he is expected to live? Why are children with birth defects aborted at extremely high rates–upward to 90%?

This course will track the philosophies and ideologies that have brought us to our current state, beginning with Thomas Malthus in 1800 and touching on eugenics, the Holocaust, the real history of Planned Parenthood, and giving present day examples, including at the highest levels of the Obama administration.

Expect to do a lot of reading in this course–most of it available on the web. This is a guided tour through the culture of death by Anthony Horvath, former president of Wisconsin Lutherans for Life.   Required materials: “The Pivot of Civilization” by Margaret Sanger and “Eugenics and other Evils” by GK Chesterton. 

COST:  $100


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This presentation was delivered Nov. 20th, 2010, at Concordia University in Seward Nebraska for a Nebraska Lutherans for Life organization. More information, including links to sources, can be found here.

The Culture of Death: Planned Parenthood, Eugenics, and… Climate Change? from Direct Link.

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