Nov 17

Resources on Tracking the Culture of Death

One of my presentation areas related to life issues focuses on the ‘culture of death.’ Think:  the holocaust, abortion on demand, eugenics, etc- how and why it happened in the first place and how many of those factors are still present today… and more than that, growing in influence and pervasiveness.

I have frequently been asked for copies of some of the source material so I have compiled it below and will provide more in the future.  Note, these sources are not all that can be provided to illustrate or substantiate the arguments I make.  These are merely the sources that I have chosen to integrate into my presentation(s).


Mandatory Genetic Testing isn’t Eugenics, it’s Smart Science by Jacob Appel.

Neonatal Euthanasia:  Why Require Parental Consent? by Jacob Appel.

Are We Ready for a Market in Fetal Organs? by Jacob Appel.

Ecoscience by Paul and Anne Ehrlich and John P. Holdren.

“Death Panel” is not in the bill… it already exists. by Joseph Ashby.

Deliberate termination of life of newborns with spina bifida, a critical reappraisal by T. H. Rob de Jong.

Principles for allocation of scarce medical interventions by Govind Persad, Alan Wertheimer, and Ezekiel J Emanuel.

Should This Be the Last Generation? by Peter Singer.

Practical Ethics by Peter Singer

More delightful quotes by Peter Singer

Civic Biology by George William Hunter [text book at center of Scopes Monkey Trial]

Ron Weddington’s letter to President Clinton

Pivot of Civilization by Margaret Sanger

Birth Control Review- April 1933 [Issue specifically on eugenics]

Birth Control Review- April 1932 [Sanger’s ‘Plan for Peace.’]

Foreword to Ayn Rand’s book, Anthem by Ayn Rand

Maafa21 by Life Dynamics

Lives, Life-Years, and Willingness to Pay by Cass Sunstein

Buck vs Bell decision 1927, by Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes – pg3

Eugenics and Other Evils by G. K. Chesterton  – No more Splendid Dupes!

Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg

Jonathan Porritt:  Two Children Should Be Limit (article in London Times)

“Pay people not to breed.” Article about New Zealand mayor.

Christians Beware the Malthusian Mind! WND column by Anthony Horvath

Normon Borlaug finds a way to feed millions. Article by Associated Press.

The Poop on Population by Lisa Manterfield

The Real Inconvenient Truth (ie, overpopulation) by Diane Francis, Financial Post

The Physicians’ Crusade Against Abortion by Frederick N. Dyer

Champion of Women and the Unborn: Horatio Robinson Storer, M.D. by Frederick N. Dyer

Euthanasia deaths under reported and often without consent (shocker!) source WRTL.  (actual studies linked from that single page)