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Welcome to the home page of Athanatos Christian Ministries, an organization that has been defending the Christian faith since its founding by Executive Director, Dr. Anthony Horvath, in 2008.

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Take a hard look at this chart:

The chart shows a staggering and sustained increase in the percentage of Americans claiming they no longer have a religious affiliation. Almost 30,000,000 new non-Christians in just thirty years! What is going on? What happened around 1992 to so dramatically cause the number of non-Christians to skyrocket? Even more troubling, why is it the case that so many of these non-Christians started out as Christians?

Dr. Anthony Horvath has been raising the alarm for a full decade. His research and experiences have led him to direct the ministries of ACM to focus on the areas that are fueling the decline of the church in America. For example, aware that so many people absorb their skepticism from the culture (rather than by argument), ACM engages the culture through annual writing contests and a Christian arts and apologetics festival. To address the fact that many atheists started out as Christians, ACM aims to equip churches with the facts of the faith.

Perhaps most important of all, with research showing that healthy, intact families are God’s plan for transmitting the faith to the next generation, Horvath calls attention to the connection between the breakdown of the family and the rise in disbelief.

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black-friday-sale_300x300_5(For those interested in both the eternal destiny of souls and more temporal affairs, look at this chart and ponder the implications of a society packed with the ‘religiously unaffiliated.’)