Sep 03

2016 Festival Recap

Athanatos Ministries was pleased to host its first annual Christian arts and apologetics festival this summer in Greenwood, WI.

The schedule was packed with authors, musicians, bands, speakers, filmmakers and even a comedy act. There is too much to say and too much to show, but we have some video clips below that give the flavor of it. As we have more uploaded, we’ll update this page with links to them.

ACM’s festival is essentially the distillation of all of the activities it carries out as an organization. It’s basic mission is to promote and defend the Christian faith (ie, work to have as many people enjoy eternal life as we can), but has an emphasis on carrying out this defense through the arts.

Thinking through how that actually looks for an artist or apologist is something we do all year long.  At the festival, we show how it looks.

ACM is the only Christian apologetics organization that focuses on defending the faith through the arts.

Please enjoy the videos below.  We hope to see you next year!


Links to reactions to the 2016 Athanatos Festival:

Christian Arts Festival: The Athanatos Experience
by Jamie D. Greening

On the Athanatos Christian Arts and Apologetics Festival
by Medieval Otaku

Post-Festival Thoughts
by Bernard Bull

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Some pics:

A - Station of the Cross bernard bull-small david zach-small joseph coutemanche -small