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Jan 25

Faith and Family Under Fire: Why Apologetics is Failing in the 21st Century; a Front Line Report

Get the Report in Print | Get it on Kindle | Download it for Free, Below Email Anthony at I have been analyzing trends related to the rise and decline of Christian faith for some time. My own apologetics ministry has roughly coincided with the dramatic drop in the number of Christians since 1990 …

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Jan 25

Anthony Horvath Presents at St. John’s Lutheran in West Bend, WI

I had the pleasure of presenting on three consecutive Sundays at St. John’s Lutheran Church in West Bend, WI in January of 2017. My topic:  how the transmission of the faith is intimately tied to happy, healthy families–the very thing that has been under attack in American society since the sexual revolution of the 1960s. …

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Sep 03

2016 Festival Recap

Athanatos Ministries was pleased to host its first annual Christian arts and apologetics festival this summer in Greenwood, WI. The schedule was packed with authors, musicians, bands, speakers, filmmakers and even a comedy act. There is too much to say and too much to show, but we have some video clips below that give the …

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Jan 20

“Defending the Faith” Apologetics Boot Camp for junior and high school students

Event:  Apologetics Boot Camp:  Defending the Faith Date/Time: February 20, 9 am-3 pm. Location: ACM’s offices at 105 S. Main St., Greenwood, WI. Short Description: A survey of the evidence for Christianity and tips on how to integrate that evidence into one’s own life–geared to teenagers. Cost: $30 for the day, limit 20 participants. Lunch included (pizza and …

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Dec 14

Fault Lines Series: “First Principles: Life and Family”

The Fault Line Series:  Exploring the Ideological Divide in the War on Humans and the Culture of Death This Seminar: “First Principles” Part One: Life Part Two: Family ACM hosts regular conversations and seminars on deep religious, philosophical, and political issues. Each session lasts about an hour, with plenty of time for discussion. There is …

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Dec 12

“Inspired Scribe” Writing Workshop

“Inspired Scribe” Christian Writer’s Workshop Date/Time: January 16 @ 8:30-5 pm. Location: ACM’s offices at 105 S. Main St., Greenwood, WI. Short Description: A day-long writing workshop geared for Christians, hosted by ACM (Dr. Anthony Horvath and instructor and writing contest judge, Debbie Thompson). Cost: $100, Lunch included (pizza and subs). Description: This workshop will provide the author …

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Feb 11

Fault Lines Registration

Use this Paypal form to register for the upcoming Fault Lines seminar.  Please note, if you have a .msn, .hotmail, or a .yahoo account, you may not receive the email that provides the necessary login information.  If your paypal account uses one of these domains, you are strongly advised to send an email to Anthony …

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Jan 14

“On Death’s Door” Presentation, Rally for Life, Jan. 25, 2015

Rally for Life Jan. 25th @ 2pm. Peace Lutheran Church, located at 501 E. Fillmore Ave. in Eau Claire, WI. Sponsored by the Eau Claire chapter of Wisconsin Right to Life “On Death’s Door: How America Embraced the Culture of Death and Why it Matters.” Dr. Horvath began researching the ‘culture of death’ in earnest about …

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Sep 12

Statement on the State Department Apology for Muslim Violence: A Resignation Please

While some people are rightly denouncing the state department’s knee-jerk apologizing for ‘misguided individuals’ who ‘hurt the religious feelings of Muslims,’ I noted with particular interest the skewed notion of ‘respect for religious beliefs’ that their press release says is ‘a cornerstone of American democracy.’ No doubt, such respect really is a cornerstone of our democracy, but the idea that respect means remaining silent, and the notion that resorting to violence in response to an ‘abuse [of] the universal right of free speech’ is not only absurd, but is clearly out of touch with what respect for different beliefs has meant in America.

Dec 13

Culture of Death- Malthus, Sanger, Darwin, Singer

Below is the video and audio of a presentation I gave titled “The Culture of Death: What it is and How it Got Here.” It was delivered on Nov. 20, 2010, at an event sponsored by Nebraska Lutherans for Life at Concordia University, Seward, Nebraska.

The sources I referenced in the presentation can be found here. The doc file for the note cards I was reading off of in the presentation is here: [download id="6"]

A short story that I wrote, inspired by the ‘culture of death’, can be read here. [download id="5"]

For a full length version of the video that you can post to Facebook, etc, click here. The full length audio is here, or you can download it here.