Category: Pro-Life

Apr 24

ACM Ministry Needs

ACM has the following needs.  Your help in meeting those needs would be greatly appreciated.  Use the ‘donate‘ link or email Anthony at for more information. Athanatos Festival 2016 Athanatos Festival Debt: $8,000 — new total: 7,800. 2017 Athanatos Festival Budget (with Passion Experience): $15,000 to $20,000 $3,000 – tent rental ***** $5,000 – …

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Jan 25

Anthony Horvath Presents at St. John’s Lutheran in West Bend, WI

I had the pleasure of presenting on three consecutive Sundays at St. John’s Lutheran Church in West Bend, WI in January of 2017. My topic:  how the transmission of the faith is intimately tied to happy, healthy families–the very thing that has been under attack in American society since the sexual revolution of the 1960s. …

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Dec 14

Fault Lines Series: “First Principles: Life and Family”

The Fault Line Series:  Exploring the Ideological Divide in the War on Humans and the Culture of Death This Seminar: “First Principles” Part One: Life Part Two: Family ACM hosts regular conversations and seminars on deep religious, philosophical, and political issues. Each session lasts about an hour, with plenty of time for discussion. There is …

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Feb 24

State Abortion Reporting Requirements

Alabama Most Recent Annual Report (2013) [List of all, but only back to 2010] Statutory language Actual Reporting Form African-Americans disproportionately represented? Alaska Most Recent Annual Report (2013) [List of all, but only back to 2003] Statutory language – AS 18.50.245 Actual Reporting Form African-Americans disproportionately represented? Arizona Most Recent Annual Report (2013) Statutory language …

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Feb 11

Fault Lines Registration

Use this Paypal form to register for the upcoming Fault Lines seminar.  Please note, if you have a .msn, .hotmail, or a .yahoo account, you may not receive the email that provides the necessary login information.  If your paypal account uses one of these domains, you are strongly advised to send an email to Anthony …

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Nov 06

Romney Election No Guarantee of Changes in Abortion Laws

A Statement Calling on the Pro-Life Community to Remain Vigilant if Romney Wins Election by Anthony Horvath, Executive Director of Athanatos Christian Ministries Romney has said repeatedly that he would support the over-turning of Roe vs. Wade.  Of course, Romney is running for the president, not the Supreme Court.  He would have to appoint justices …

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Nov 05

A Statement on One Issue Voting: Abortion

If you will not make the preservation of life your one issue while that life is in the womb, there is every indication that in due time life outside the womb–perhaps yours–may be targeted.

Sep 18

I’m going to Washington DC and…

Dear friend, I am closer than ever to implementing a plan that I have already talked to some of you about.  I am putting the final details on a full color mag/book to leave in the hands of legislators, their staffers, and other people of influence. You read that right.  I’m making plans to be …

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Jun 06

Thank you for your signature

Thank you very much for signing my petition.  Please take a moment to pass the petition along on Facebook, Twitter, mailing lists, etc. Thanks for your interest in supporting my personal petition campaign. If you did not arrive at this page through my explanation page, go here. Or, you can return to the actual petition. …

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May 25

Principles of the Culture of Death Online Courses

Athanatos Christian Ministries, Inc, is a ministry committed to applying the Christian world view in creative contexts that range from Christian apologetics to education to literature and the arts and anything else it can imagine to edify the church. “He has set eternity in the hearts of men.” (Ecclesiastes 3:11) Executive Director of Athanatos Christian …

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