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Jan 25

Faith and Family Under Fire: Why Apologetics is Failing in the 21st Century; a Front Line Report

Get the Report in Print | Get it on Kindle | Download it for Free, Below Email Anthony at I have been analyzing trends related to the rise and decline of Christian faith for some time. My own apologetics ministry has roughly coincided with the dramatic drop in the number of Christians since 1990 …

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Jan 25

Anthony Horvath Presents at St. John’s Lutheran in West Bend, WI

I had the pleasure of presenting on three consecutive Sundays at St. John’s Lutheran Church in West Bend, WI in January of 2017. My topic:  how the transmission of the faith is intimately tied to happy, healthy families–the very thing that has been under attack in American society since the sexual revolution of the 1960s. …

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Apr 24

What if you never found your favorite elements in any books you read?

In our last two newsletters, we asked, YOU TELL US: What if you never found your favorite elements in any books you read – would you have to become a writer and put them in your own stories? What is missing from stories that you could contribute? We wanted to share with you a response …

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Sep 28

Apologetics as keeping Christians from falling away in the first place

The core truth driving the ministries of ACM at this point is that the transmission of the Christian faith in America is broken. To fix it, we ought not abandon anything good, wherever it is found, as all good things come from God (James 1:17) and he has given them to us.

For ACM, every tool is on the table… the arts, sciences, education, etc…

It will be an uphill battle, but ACM believes it is worth fighting- so long as it is the right hill.