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Apr 28

The Golden Rule of Epistemology and Other Essays

Now available On Amazon and Kindle! In this collection of (mostly) never before published essays, Dr. Anthony Horvath tackles a wide range of topics of a philosophical, theological, apologetical, and, for the first time, polemical, nature. The title essay, “The Golden Rule of Epistemology and Implications Thereof” makes the contention that only the Christian worldview …

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Apr 02

Pathos: The Grand Myth

ACM is proud to announce the release, with the editorial leadership of novelist Rob Cely, of its newest literary magazine, Pathos. P quarterly magazine of culture and faith, Pathos explores all the major ideas that move our world today: in politics, science, art and popular culture, and examine what they mean and how they intersect with the life of faith. Each issue also includes poetry, fiction and art from some of today’s finest emerging talents. In this issue Pathos explores the idea of the Grand Myth – the foundational beliefs that form the basis of our worldview and offer the framework through which we interpret our experiences. Plus, new fiction from Anthony Horvath, essays, poetry and more.

Jun 07

ACM Foreword to Albert Schweitzer’s “The Quest of the Historical Jesus”

When ACM releases a book it makes every effort to make it accessible to modern readers, usually including an index for more scholarly analysis. This is the case with Schweitzer’s book, too. However, in some cases, the book in question contains ideas and reasoning that undermine Christianity. ACM believes that people should be well informed, and that Christians in particular should know about arguments and beliefs that are in opposition to Christianity. That said, it seems prudent in some cases to offer some kind of statement within the book that addresses such concerns. The purpose is not to answer all objections raised by the book but to put the book into perspective and hopefully guide even the skeptical reader into a more nuanced understanding of what they are reading. Below is the foreword that is included in ACM’s (Suzeteo Enterprises) edition of Albert Schweitzer’s The Quest of the Historical Jesus.

Oct 26

A. R. Horvath’s Birth Pangs Series

Purchase Horvath’s Birth Pangs series using the links below. Links to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kindle are provided as well links to purchase both ‘hard’ copies and digital copies through the publisher. A. R. Horvath’s Birth Pangs: Fidelis “Fidelis” follows the path of a man waking up in a broken world that is pockmarked …

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Jun 10

Subscribe to Book Club

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Oct 09

G.K. Chesterton paperback edition with index

G. K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy The wit and wisdom of Gilbert K. Chesterton continues to astonish new readers. Presented as his ‘spiritual autobiography,’ this monumental work shows just how clearly Mr. Chesterton anticipated future developments in philosophy as well as how Christianity would continue to resonate with individual seekers. Atheism, materialism, modernism… still lack the romance …

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