May 19

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Apr 24

ACM Ministry Needs

ACM has the following needs.  Your help in meeting those needs would be greatly appreciated.  Use the ‘donate‘ link or email Anthony at for more information. Athanatos Festival 2016 Athanatos Festival Debt: $8,000 — new total: 7,800. 2017 Athanatos Festival Budget (with Passion Experience): $15,000 to $20,000 $3,000 – tent rental ***** $5,000 – …

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Mar 30

Protected: 2016 ACM Annual Report

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Mar 20

2017 Christian Novel Contest Results

The final winners of the 2017 Christian Writing Contest will be announced at ACM’s Christian Arts and Apologetics Festival this upcoming August. The semi-finalists in our 2017 contests are: Stryker Reynolds Griffon Neville Kennedy Topliff (both) Preston Shires NOTE:  Due to the fact that there were not enough non-fiction entries for that category to be …

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Mar 10

“Who Moved the Stone?” Presentation in Chilton, WI

Dr. Anthony Horvath will be presenting on the topics of “Who Moved the Stone” (A ‘forensic’ examination of Jesus’ resurrection) and “Tracking the Culture of Death” (connecting abortion, euthanasia, etc, to a common ideology) at St. Martin Lutheran Church, at 717 Memorial Drive in Chilton, WI. On Saturday, March 18th, 2017. 9:00 AM to 10:20 …

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Jan 26

Legislative Proposal for Abortion Reporting of Gender and Birth Defects (Wisconsin)

Legislative Proposal DOWNLOAD FULL PROPOSAL:  legislative-proposal-2016e  Contact:  Anthony Horvath, PhD | 608-526-9196 | 202-697-4623 | 715-937-6067 Amend Section 69.186 of the Wisconsin Statutes[1] (“Induced abortion reporting”) to also require the reporting of (k) the gender of the aborted child (l) whether or not the child had a fetal anomaly, and the nature of that …

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Jan 25

Faith and Family Under Fire: Why Apologetics is Failing in the 21st Century; a Front Line Report

Get the Report in Print | Get it on Kindle | Download it for Free, Below Email Anthony at I have been analyzing trends related to the rise and decline of Christian faith for some time.  My own apologetics ministry has roughly coincided with the dramatic drop in the number of Christians since 1990 …

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Jan 25

Anthony Horvath Presents at St. John’s Lutheran in West Bend, WI

I had the pleasure of presenting on three consecutive Sundays at St. John’s Lutheran Church in West Bend, WI in January of 2017. My topic:  how the transmission of the faith is intimately tied to happy, healthy families–the very thing that has been under attack in American society since the sexual revolution of the 1960s. …

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Jan 04

God’s Plan for Transmitting the Faith vs 3

Updated with version 5, at bottom. The attached file represents the summary and synthesis of almost 20 years of ministry as a teacher, DCE, Christian apologist, and cultural observer. It is not meant to be exhaustive. It is meant to be persuasive and informative, serving as a launch pad for the reader’s own research and …

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Dec 07

Support an Apologetics Ministry That is on the Front Lines and on the Cutting Edge

Defend the Faith by Defending the Family? Defend the Faith by Transforming the Culture? Welcome to the home page of Athanatos Christian Ministries, an organization that has been defending the Christian faith since its founding by Executive Director, Dr. Anthony Horvath, in 2008. (Did you know that ACM paid almost $1 to Facebook just to …

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