Oct 18

Excellence in Proclamation Contest Payment Page

In order to receive your link to the submission form, you must first submit your payment through Paypal.  (You do not need to have a Paypal account.  Paypal will process your credit card payment even if you don’t have a Paypal account.) After successfully making your payment, Paypal should automatically direct you to the submission …

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Oct 08

Excellence Contest Submission

If you have arrived at this page without having paid for your entry, go to the payment page and make your payment FIRST!

Oct 08

Excellence in Art and Proclamation Contest

Submit Entry It is as important as ever for Christians to engage society in the most powerful way they know how.  Here at Athanatos Christian Ministries, we know that many Christians want to use their passions and talents to further God’s kingdom, but most of the time, those passions and talents do not fit neatly …

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Oct 05

Save Souls… and Save the Country

Save souls, save the country? Lose souls, lose the country? Welcome to the home page of Athanatos Christian Ministries, an organization that has been defending the Christian faith since its founding by Executive Director, Dr. Anthony Horvath, in 2008. What we do at ACM may seem to have little connection with the great problems facing …

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Sep 03

2016 Festival Recap

Athanatos Ministries was pleased to host its first annual Christian arts and apologetics festival this summer in Greenwood, WI. The schedule was packed with authors, musicians, bands, speakers, filmmakers and even a comedy act. There is too much to say and too much to show, but we have some video clips below that give the …

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Aug 12

Hillary Morgan Ferrer talk: Stealing Past Watchful Dragons

ACM hosted our first annual Athanatos Arts & Apologetics Festival this summer, August 4-7, 2016 in Greenwood, WI, featuring many artistic expressions: music, film, novels, drama, the visual arts, etc. In the spirit of ACM’s mission to defend the Christian faith through the arts, the festival encouraged artists to appeal as much to secular audiences as with Christian ones. In …

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Apr 24

What if you never found your favorite elements in any books you read?

In our last two newsletters, we asked, YOU TELL US: What if you never found your favorite elements in any books you read – would you have to become a writer and put them in your own stories? What is missing from stories that you could contribute? We wanted to share with you a response …

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Apr 20

In Defense of Imaginative Apologetics

ACM’s Executive Director, Dr. Anthony Horvath, delivered a presentation at the 2016 “Intelligent Faith” conference in Cedar Rapids, IA, on the topic of “Imaginative Apologetics.”  Below is the audio of that presentation. The description published in the program material: “Imaginative Apologetics” — A call to churches to defend the faith through the arts. From Bunyan’s …

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Jan 20

“Defending the Faith” Apologetics Boot Camp for junior and high school students

Event:  Apologetics Boot Camp:  Defending the Faith Date/Time: February 20, 9 am-3 pm. Location: ACM’s offices at 105 S. Main St., Greenwood, WI. Short Description: A survey of the evidence for Christianity and tips on how to integrate that evidence into one’s own life–geared to teenagers. Cost: $30 for the day, limit 20 participants. Lunch included (pizza and …

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Dec 14

Fault Lines Series: “First Principles: Life and Family”

The Fault Line Series:  Exploring the Ideological Divide in the War on Humans and the Culture of Death This Seminar: “First Principles” Part One: Life Part Two: Family ACM hosts regular conversations and seminars on deep religious, philosophical, and political issues. Each session lasts about an hour, with plenty of time for discussion. There is …

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